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About Us

MasterBuilt has grown into a preferred and trusted provider of construction, roofing, and property management services throughout Illinois and Florida. With ongoing construction, roofing, and rehab services, MasterBuilt prides itself on rapid client response, quick turn-around, and a level of accuracy and attention to detail that surpasses that of its contemporaries. 


Family Owned & Operated

Born and raised in Florida, owner BJ Baransky graduated from the University of South Florida, where he met his wife Jessie. After graduating, the couple moved to Chicago, where they began MasterBuilt Construction. Created in 2007, MasterBuilt continues to grow in the 2020s back to Florida, after they moved back home in the mid-2010s. MasterBuilt Roofing brings you the same level of accuracy, attention to detail, and rapid client response that the company has become known for in construction.


MasterBuilt Roofing strives to bring their customers quality service and professionalism to responsively solve all your roofing issues and needs so your home can be a place of peace and comfort.

Aerial View of a Houses
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